In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, fitness guru’s are increasingly recognizing the importance embracing green cleaning in fitness studios.

Conventional cleaning products, often laden with harmful chemicals, pose risks not just to the environment but also to the clients and staff of fitness studios.

The fitness industry, rooted in the ideals of well-being, is embracing green cleaning alternatives, and EarthSential emerges as a leading choice in this movement.

embracing green cleaning in fitness studios

Green Cleaning in Fitness Studios the Natural Way

Mats and Vinyl-Covered Surfaces:

Gym mats and vinyl-covered surfaces demand special attention. Mix 4 ounces of EarthSential Plantsol Concentrate with a quart of water.

This powerful yet gentle solution will effectively cleanse these surfaces and promoting hygiene. Regularly wiping down the surfaces, especially after intense workouts, ensures a sanitary environment for all.

Gym Floors and Equipment:

The floors beneath mats and exercise equipment can harbor unseen dirt and bacteria. A mixture of EarthSential Plantsol Concentrate (4 ounces) and water (1 quart) serves as a formidable cleaning agent.

Not only does it remove grime effectively, but it also leaves a fresh, natural scent. Ensure your equipment stays spotless, promoting longevity and providing patrons with a pleasant workout experience.

    Table of Contents

    Green Cleaning in Fitness Studios the Natural Way

    Mats and Vinyl-Covered Surfaces

    Gym Floors and Equipment

    Weights and Dumbbells

    Locker Rooms and Bathrooms

    Mirrors and Glass Surfaces

    The Dangers of Traditional Cleaners

    The EarthSential Plantsol Difference

    Weights and Dumbbells embracing green cleaning

    Cleaning free weights and dumbbells is crucial, yet many commercial cleaners damage the equipment over time.

    EarthSential Plantsol Concentrate provides a gentle yet potent solution. Submerge smaller equipment in a mixture of 4 ounces of concentrate and a quart of water. For larger pieces, dip a cloth in the solution and wipe away dirt and debris.

    Avoid the corrosive effects of traditional cleaners and maintain your equipment’s integrity.

      embracing green cleaning in fitness studios

      Locker Rooms and Bathrooms:

      Traditional cleaners used in bathrooms can contain toxic chemicals harmful to both the environment and patrons.

      EarthSential Plantsol Concentrate, when mixed appropriately, effectively cleans toilets, sinks, and locker room surfaces. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to a fresh, natural clean.

      Mirrors and Glass Surfaces:

      For clear, streak-free mirrors and glass surfaces, a mixture of 4 ounces of EarthSential Plantsol Concentrate and a quart of water is your go-to solution.

      Banish fingerprints and smudges without the worry of harmful residues, providing patrons with a crystal-clear reflection of their progress.

      The Dangers of NOT embracing Green Cleaning in Fitness Studios

      Traditional cleaning products not only jeopardize the longevity of your fitness equipment but also pose health risks to your patrons. Potential side effects include:

      • Equipment Damage: Harsh chemicals can corrode and erode the surfaces of gym equipment, leading to wear and tear.
      • Respiratory Issues: Patrons inhaling fumes from chemical cleaners can experience breathing difficulties and allergies.
      • Skin Irritation: Direct contact with chemical residues on equipment or surfaces can cause skin irritation and discomfort.
      • Allergic Reactions: Many traditional cleaners contain allergens triggering reactions in sensitive individuals.
      • Environmental Impact: Harmful chemicals contaminate water sources and harm aquatic life, contributing to environmental degradation.
      embracing green cleaning in fitness studios

      The EarthSential Plantsol Concentrate Difference:

      EarthSential Plantsol Concentrate is a game-changer. Its natural, plant-based formula guarantees a safe and effective cleaning experience for both your equipment and patrons.

      The ingredients include saponified coconut oil, filtered water, vegetable-derived sugar alcohol, hydrophobic plant compounds, essential oils, and natural fruit acids.

      Harness the power of EarthSential Plantsol Concentrate, and transform your fitness studio into a haven of health, wellness, and eco-consciousness. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and embrace a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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      About the Author

      Bonnie Pellerin

      Bonnie Pellerin


      Bonnie Pellerin, a Biotechnology graduate and seasoned microbiologist, specializes in identifying bacteria and mold. Alongside her formulating chemist husband, she co-founded EarthSential, driven by their shared mission to create a safe haven free from harsh chemicals for their children and others. Bonnie’s expertise and dedication continue to shape the field of biotechnology and environmental safety.

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