A preschool provider’s guide to safe cleaning:

In the heart of every preschool, where laughter and learning intertwine, within these walls, children embark on journeys of discovery.  Their eyes wide with wonder, their hands reaching out to touch the world.

It’s a place where innocence blossoms, but it’s also a battleground where unseen foes threaten their very essence, especially considering the fact that children explore the world with their hands, often putting things in their mouth.

This reality underscores the essential need for this Preschool Guide to Safe Cleaning.

a preschool provider's guide to safe cleaning

A preschool provider’s guide to safe cleaning:

    The Vulnerability of Children to Environmental Toxins

    Research Insights:

    Amidst the vibrant chaos of childhood, there’s a silent danger – one that lingers in the air and settles on every surface. Children, especially in their early years, are remarkably vulnerable to environmental toxins.

    These toxins, hiding in everyday items like cleaning products, can cast a shadow on their bright future.

    Research paints a chilling picture, revealing the staggering fact that ninety percent of a child’s brain development occurs during these formative years.

    It’s a period where their minds are sponges, soaking in knowledge and experiences, but unfortunately, also absorbing harmful chemicals.

    Natural Behaviors:

    In this tender age of exploration, their behaviors, so endearing and natural, inadvertently increase their exposure.

    They live close to the floor, where these toxins find a resting place, and their hands are in a perpetual dance with their mouths.

    Picture a toddler, crawling inquisitively, touching and tasting everything – this is their way of learning. However, it also becomes the pathway for these toxins to enter their delicate systems.

    Expert Voices:

    Dr. Philip Landrigan, a voice of authority in children’s health, emphasizes the hazardous nature of chemicals in cleaning supplies, which can pollute indoor air, turning these safe havens into potential threats.

    And then there’s the expert chorus led by Dr. Leo Trasande, painting a stark reality – the rise in chronic health conditions among children, from asthma to cancer, all linked to environmental toxins.

      Table of Contents

      The Vulnerability of Children to Environmental Toxins

      Research Insights

      Natural Behaviors

      Expert Voices

      Preschool Providers as Protectors in the Face of Unseen Threats

      Our Call to Action: Choosing Safe Cleaning Practices

      Educational Imperative

      Impactful Choices

      Promise in Every Bottle

      Steps Toward a Healthier Environment: Promoting Green Cleaning Across the Nation

      The Mandate for Green Cleaning

      Embracing a Cleaner, Safer Tomorrow with EarthSential

      A preschool provider’s guide to safe cleaning:

      Preschool Provider’s as Protectors in the Face of Unseen Threats

      It’s amidst this concern and shared responsibility that child care providers stand firm as guardians. Their choices in cleaning products become more than just a matter of hygiene; they become a shield against these unseen threats.

      The vulnerability of our children isn’t just a cause for concern; it’s a call to action, echoing through the halls of every preschool. It’s a testament to the choices made today and their far-reaching impact on the future.

        preschoolers sitting on the rug at school. a preschool provider's guide to safe cleaning

        Choosing Safe Cleaning Practices for Preschool Providers

        Educational Imperative:

        Knowledge becomes the most potent tool for ensuring the well-being of the little ones under a provider’s care.

        Understanding the risks associated with cleaning products is not just a choice; it’s an educational imperative.

        Preschool provider’s must delve into the intricacies of safe cleaning products, comprehending their ingredients and potential effects.

        Educating themselves about eco-friendly alternatives and staying updated with the latest research equips them with the wisdom needed to make informed decisions, safeguarding the health of the children they nurture.

        Impactful Choices for Preschool Providers:

        Opting for plant-based, natural cleaning solutions transcends the realm of routine hygiene; it becomes a proactive measure rooted in education.

        By understanding the harmful effects of conventional cleaning agents, preschool provider’s can consciously choose eco-friendly options.

        You can attend workshops and webinars, gaining insights into effective cleaning practices while minimizing environmental impact.

        Empowered with this knowledge, providers create environments where children flourish, surrounded by toxin-free spaces conducive to their growth and exploration..

        Promise in Every Bottle:

        In the unassuming elegance of every safe, plant-based spray, lies a profound promise – a commitment to the health and happiness of every child.

        Education plays a pivotal role here. Preschool provider’s can educate themselves about the specific benefits of natural cleaning agents.

        They can learn about certifications like EPA’s Safer Choice, ensuring they choose products that adhere to stringent safety standards.

        Understanding the science behind these solutions empowers providers to confidently embrace them.

        By educating themselves about these promises encapsulated in eco-friendly bottles, providers transform their preschool spaces into sanctuaries of health, where children thrive in a nurturing, toxin-free environment.

        Steps Towards a Healthier Environment: Promoting Green Cleaning Across the Nation

        In a collective effort to prioritize the well-being of students, staff, and the environment, several states in the United States have taken significant strides by implementing green cleaning policies in educational institutions and government buildings.

        New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, Hawaii, Nevada, and Iowa have mandated green cleaning practices specifically in K-12 schools. Additionally, Illinois and Iowa, along with Vermont and New Jersey, have extended this requirement to state government buildings.

        a preschool provider's guide to safe cleaning

        The Mandate for Green Cleaning

        The mandate for green cleaning in schools and government buildings stems from a profound commitment to the well-being of communities, the environment, and future generations.

        Recognizing the potential harm posed by conventional cleaning products, these states have taken a decisive stand.

        By mandating green cleaning practices, these states prioritize the health of students, teachers, and staff.

        Traditional cleaning agents often contain harsh chemicals that emit harmful fumes, adversely affecting indoor air quality and increasing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies.

        Green cleaning products, on the other hand, boast eco-friendly formulations, significantly reducing toxic emissions.

        Moreover, these products are biodegradable, ensuring they do not contribute to environmental pollution.

        The mandates also underscore a broader commitment to sustainability. By promoting the use of environmentally responsible cleaning products, states actively participate in reducing their ecological footprint.

        Furthermore, these initiatives serve as educational tools, teaching future generations the importance of making responsible choices for the planet.

        By mandating green cleaning in schools and government buildings, these states pave the way for a healthier, more sustainable future, where cleaner indoor environments and reduced environmental impact go hand in hand with education and awareness.

        Embracing a Cleaner, Safer Tomorrow with EarthSential

        In the pursuit of a healthier and safer environment for our children, EarthSential emerges as a beacon of hope and a testament to innovation.

        Crafted with utmost precision, EarthSential stands as the world’s safest cleaner, meticulously formulated with food-grade, plant-based, and 100% natural ingredients.

        With EarthSential, preschool providers can embrace a cleaner, greener tomorrow, free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that the spaces where our children learn and grow are as nurturing and safe as they can be.

        By choosing EarthSential, we not only invest in the present well-being of our children but also pave the way for a future where clean, sustainable, and safe practices are the norm, protecting not just our little ones, but the world they will inherit.

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        About the Author

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        Bonnie Pellerin


        Bonnie Pellerin, a Biotechnology graduate and seasoned microbiologist, specializes in identifying bacteria and mold. Alongside her formulating chemist husband, she co-founded EarthSential, driven by their shared mission to create a safe haven free from harsh chemicals for their children and others. Bonnie’s expertise and dedication continue to shape the field of biotechnology and environmental safety.

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