Pet odor eliminator spray

The safe, natural, and effective way to combat pet odors.

EarthSential Pet Odor Eliminator spray is made from the world’s safest ingredients.

Pet Odor Eliminator Spray for Air, Fabric & Surfaces

Our exclusive formula features advanced odor-locking crystals, meticulously designed to neutralize pet odors right at their origin. Our innovative crystals spring back into action again when odors resurface, ensuring continuous freshness. Perfect for pet bedding, couches, carpets, and beyond, our odor eliminator is safe for your pets and tailored for your home.

  • Rapid Action Formula
  • Continuous Odor Protection
  • All Natural & Non-Toxic Ingredients

Size: 8oz     Scent: Fragrance Free


Our Pet Odor Eliminator Spray is Pure and Natural

  • Advanced Odor-Locking Crystals: Meticulously designed to neutralize pet odors at their source, ensuring effective and long-lasting results.
  • Rapid Action Formula: Experience rapid action as our pet odor eliminator spray immediately targets and neutralizes odors upon application, providing instant relief from unwanted smells.
  • Continuous Odor Protection: The innovative crystals in our spray spring back into action when odors resurface, providing continuous protection against pet odors. Your home stays fresh and odor-free around the clock.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a variety of surfaces including pet bedding, couches, carpets, and more. Our pet odor eliminator spray effectively tackles odors wherever they occur, ensuring your entire home smells clean and inviting.

  • Safe for Pets: Formulated with the well-being of your pets in mind, our spray is gentle and safe to use around animals. You can confidently provide a comfortable environment for your furry companions.
  • Tailored for Your Home: Designed specifically for home use, our pet odor eliminator spray is tailored to seamlessly fit into your daily cleaning routine. Keep your living spaces fresh and pleasant effortlessly.
  • All Natural & Non-Toxic Ingredients: We prioritize your family’s health and safety. Our pet odor eliminator spray is crafted from all-natural and non-toxic ingredients, ensuring that you’re using a safe solution in your home.
  • Fragrance-Free: Our pet odor eliminator spray is fragrance-free, making it an ideal choice for those sensitive to scents. Enjoy the benefits of a fresh-smelling home without any overpowering fragrances.
  • Convenient Size: Each bottle contains 8oz of our powerful pet odor eliminator spray, providing you with an ample supply to effectively combat odors throughout your home.


Shake well before use. Spray: Pet Odor Eliminator spray liberally on the affected area. Allow area to air dry naturally. The product will leave behind a microscopic crystalline residues for long-lasting odor control. Reapply if Necessary.

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