Have you ever wondered how probiotic and enzyme cleaners work?

∼They use good bacteria and plant extracts to clean dirt and stains.

How would good bacteria clean dirt and stains?

good bacteriaGood bacteria, play a role in breaking down waste products primarily through the production of enzymes. 

What is an Enzyme?

Enzymes are biological molecules, that act as catalysts in living organisms.

 Enzymes are highly specific, each designed to catalyze a particular reaction.

Why are Enzymes good to clean with?

Precision: Enzymes are highly specific, targeting stains like proteins or fats with precision, making them effective in breaking down and removing particular types of dirt or grime.

Speed: Their catalytic efficiency accelerates cleaning reactions, allowing enzymatic cleaners to work rapidly and effectively.

Eco-Friendly: Enzymatic cleaners are environmentally friendly, operating under mild conditions and reducing the need for harsh chemicals.

Versatility: Versatility in enzyme formulations allows for tailored solutions addressing a wide range of cleaning challenges.

Residue-Free: Enzymatic cleaners leave little to no residue, ensuring a clean surface without unwanted buildup.

Odor Elimination: Enzymes can eliminate unpleasant odors by breaking down the organic molecules responsible for smells.

Gentle Cleaning: Reduced reliance on mechanical agitation makes enzymatic cleaners suitable for applications where gentle cleaning is preferred, such as in laundry.

Bio-Friendly: Enzymes are bio-friendly, providing an eco-conscious alternative in cleaning products.


What enzymes are in EarthSential Probiotic & Enzyme Cleaner?

A powerful combination of protease, lipase, and amylase takes center stage.

Protease targets protein-based stains, efficiently tackling tough spots like blood or food residues. Lipase focuses on breaking down fats and oils, acting as a formidable ally against greasy stains. Simultaneously, amylase zeroes in on starches, addressing spills or soils derived from carbohydrates.

Together, these enzymes form a dynamic trio, ensuring a thorough and specialized cleaning performance that not only removes visible stains but also works on a molecular level.

What sets this cleaner apart is its unique feature of providing continuous cleaning for 7 days, leaving surfaces pristine, refreshed, and effortlessly maintained.

Is EarthSential Probiotic & Enzyme Cleaner safe to use around Children & Pets??

Absolutely! Enzyme cleaners are like the superheroes of your cleaning cabinet!

Picture this: your child spills juice on the carpet, or your pet leaves an unexpected surprise – no need to panic. EarthSential Probiotic and Enzyme Cleaner is your stain-fighting sidekick. Not only does it work wonders in dissolving stains, but here’s the magic touch – it keeps working, continuing to tackle stains for a whole 7 days.

So, whether it’s crayon art on the walls or a puppy potty training mishap, this cleaner has got your back. It’s like having a secret weapon against messes, leaving your home fresh, clean, and accident-free. Say goodbye to the worry of stains and hello to a cleaner, safer space for your little mischief-makers!

What kind of Stains will it Remove?

Food Stains: Probiotic and enzyme cleaners effectively remove common food stains such as sauces, oils, and condiments.

Beverage Stains: Coffee, tea, and juice stains are easily tackled, leaving surfaces spotless.

Pet Stains: Ideal for removing pet-related stains like urine, vomit, and other accidents.

Organic Stains: These cleaners work well on organic stains like blood, making them suitable for various situations.

Ink Stains: Whether from pens or markers, probiotic and enzyme cleaners can help lift ink stains from surfaces.

Grease and Oil Stains: Effective against greasy spills and oil marks, commonly found in kitchens or garages.

Grass and Mud Stains: Perfect for tackling stains brought in from outdoor activities, keeping carpets and fabrics clean.

Wine Stains: Probiotic and enzyme cleaners are adept at handling red and white wine spills on various surfaces.

Chocolate Stains: Chocolate marks on fabrics or surfaces are easily dissolved by these cleaners.

Fruit and Berry Stains: Ideal for removing stains from berries, fruits, or fruit juices.

Mold and Mildew Stains: Effective in preventing and treating mold and mildew stains on surfaces.

Baby Formula Stains: Gentle yet powerful, these cleaners can handle baby formula stains on various surfaces.

Sweat and Body Oil Stains: Great for freshening up and removing stains from clothing or bedding.

Crayon and Marker Stains: Ideal for households with creative little ones, as these cleaners can remove crayon and marker stains from walls and surfaces.

Protein-Based Stains: Effective against a range of protein-based stains, such as those from eggs or dairy products.

enzymes breaking down stains

Now, you might be wondering, “Is this available to the public?”

The answer is a resounding YES!

Take the first step towards a cleaner, fresher home by bringing this cleaning superhero into your life. Don’t miss out on the magic of continuous cleaning for 7 days and the versatile stain-fighting abilities that come with it. Make every cleanup hassle-free and effective.

Purchase your Probiotic and Enzyme Cleaner today and experience the difference! Your home deserves the best!

probiotic and enzyme cleaner

Probiotic and Enzyme All Surface Cleaner

It’s safe for food contact and no rinsing is required

Our enzymes break down dirt, food, and other contaminants with ease, and they continue to work for an impressive 7 days, ensuring a deep and continuous clean. EarthSential Probiotic Cleaner is perfect for various applications, making it an ideal choice for carpet cleaning, bathrooms, and fabrics. 

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