From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

Every Room in Your Home

Welcome to a cleaner, greener home! EarthSential revolutionizes cleaning with all-natural products safe for your family and the environment. Say goodbye to toxic secrets hidden in conventional cleaners. With EarthSential, every room benefits from plant-based ingredients and essential oils. From kitchen to bathroom, all-natural cleaners make every space healthier and sustainable.

From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

Conquering Kitchen Cleaning Challenges

Ah, the kitchen—a bustling hub of culinary creativity and delicious aromas. But with great cooking comes great messes. Grease, food stains, and stubborn grime seem to find their way onto every surface.

Fear not, intrepid kitchen warriors, for EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners are here to save the day! Let’s dive into the heart of your home and discover how EarthSential tackles the toughest kitchen cleaning challenges with ease.

In the battle against grease and grime, EarthSential’s all-natural all-purpose cleaner emerges as a true kitchen superhero. With its powerful blend of plant-based ingredients, it cuts through grease like a culinary samurai, leaving your countertops, stovetops, and kitchen appliances sparkling clean.

Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with stubborn grease stains and hello to a grease-free kitchen kingdom.

When it comes to food stains, EarthSential’s stain-removing prowess truly shines. Their specialized food stain remover is like a magician’s wand, making those stubborn tomato sauce splatters and red wine mishaps disappear without a trace.

With EarthSential by your side, you can embrace your inner chef fearlessly, knowing that even the messiest cooking adventures can be easily wiped away.

To make the most of EarthSential’s cleaning magic in the kitchen, here are a few tips and techniques to keep in mind. For greasy surfaces, spray the all-purpose cleaner generously and let it sit for a few moments to loosen the grime.

Then, wipe away with a cloth or sponge for effortless shine. When tackling food stains, apply the stain remover directly to the stain, gently agitate, and let it work its magic before washing as usual.

So, dear kitchen enthusiasts, don your aprons and let EarthSential be your trusty sidekick in the never-ending quest for a clean and inviting kitchen.

With EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners, you can conquer grease and grime with ease, turning your kitchen into a shining culinary haven. It’s time to reclaim your kitchen kingdom, one swipe at a time.

From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners
From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

All-Natural Cleaners for Your Living Room

Welcome to the heart of your home—the living room, where relaxation and memorable moments intertwine. A clean and inviting living room not only brings peace of mind but also sets the stage for a haven of comfort.

With EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners, you can effortlessly breathe new life into your living space. Let’s explore how EarthSential tackles dust, pet dander, and common stains, helping you create a fresh and vibrant living room environment.

Dust, that notorious intruder, seems to have a way of making itself at home in your living room. Fear not, for EarthSential’s all-natural dusting spray comes to the rescue.

This magical elixir captures dust like a master illusionist, leaving your surfaces gleaming and dust-free. Say goodbye to sneeze-inducing dust bunnies and hello to a living room that sparkles with cleanliness.

For pet owners, the battle against pet dander and odors can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. But fear not, for EarthSential’s pet-friendly cleaner is here to save the day.

With its gentle yet effective formula, it effortlessly tackles pet messes, eliminates odors, and reduces allergens, creating a harmonious environment for both you and your furry companions.

To make the most of EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners in your living room, here are a few room-specific tips. When dusting, lightly mist the dusting spray onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe surfaces, capturing every particle of dust.

For pet-related messes, spray the pet-friendly cleaner directly onto the affected area, allowing it to sit for a few moments before wiping away. The result? A living room that not only looks clean but also feels fresh and inviting.

So, fellow living room enthusiasts, let EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners be your cleaning companions as you embark on a journey to refresh and revive your living space. Dust will cower, pet dander will retreat, and stains will surrender.

With EarthSential by your side, your living room will become a sanctuary of cleanliness and relaxation. It’s time to reclaim your living room oasis and enjoy the peace of a fresh and vibrant space.

all natural bathroom cleaning wipes
100% Natural

From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

Natural Cleaners for a Spa-Worthy Bathroom

Ah, the bathroom—a haven of relaxation and personal care. But let’s face it, keeping this sacred space clean and free from mold and mildew can be quite the challenge. Fear not, for EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners are here to transform your bathroom into a sparkling oasis.

Let’s dive into the depths of your bathroom and discover how EarthSential conquers the unique challenges of mold and mildew, leaving you with a space that rivals a luxurious spa.

The bathroom, with its moisture-laden environment, provides the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. These sneaky intruders can appear seemingly overnight, turning your pristine bathroom into a murky battleground.

But worry not, for EarthSential’s mold and mildew cleaner is like a superhero armed with nature’s secret weapons. It eliminates mold and mildew with ease, restoring your bathroom to its former glory.

To achieve a sparkling bathroom with EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners, follow these simple steps. First, ensure proper ventilation by opening windows or running an exhaust fan to reduce moisture.

Next, spray EarthSential’s mold and mildew cleaner directly onto affected surfaces, ensuring full coverage. Let the cleaner work its magic for a few minutes, allowing it to penetrate and dissolve the mold and mildew.

Finally, scrub the area with a brush or sponge and rinse thoroughly. Voila! You’re left with a bathroom that not only shines but also feels fresh and mold-free.

So, fellow bathroom enthusiasts, bid farewell to the relentless invasion of mold and mildew. EarthSential’s natural cleaners are here to restore your bathroom to its full glory, transforming it into a spa-worthy sanctuary.

With EarthSential’s powerful yet gentle formulations, you can conquer the challenges of mold and mildew without compromising your health or the environment. It’s time to indulge in a sparkling bathroom retreat—a place where cleanliness reigns supreme and relaxation knows no bounds.


From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

All-Natural Cleaners for a Serene Bedroom Sanctuary

Ah, the bedroom—a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation. But did you know that a clean and allergen-free bedroom is the key to a truly restful sleep? That’s where EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners come into play, transforming your bedroom into a serene haven that promotes relaxation and a fresher atmosphere.

Let’s dive into the realm of dreams and discover how EarthSential helps reduce allergens and create a fresh and serene environment in your bedroom.

A clean and allergen-free bedroom is essential for a good night’s sleep. Dust mites, pet dander, and airborne allergens can wreak havoc on your sleep quality, leading to restless nights and stuffy noses.

Fear not, for EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners are here to the rescue. With their gentle yet effective formulas, they reduce allergens and freshen up bedding and surfaces, creating an environment that invites deep relaxation.

EarthSential’s fabric freshener is like a whisper of freshness for your bedding and upholstery. It eliminates odors and leaves behind a gentle, nature-inspired scent that lulls you into a serene slumber. Say goodbye to musty odors and hello to a bed that feels as fresh as a spring morning.

To create a serene and fresh bedroom space with EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners, follow these tips. Start by washing your bedding regularly with EarthSential’s gentle laundry detergent to remove dust mites, allergens, and any lingering odors.

After making the bed, lightly spritz the fabric freshener onto pillows, sheets, and upholstery to infuse your bedroom with a soothing aroma. Lastly, dust surfaces with EarthSential’s dusting spray to capture any remaining allergens and leave your furniture gleaming.

So, dear dreamers, let EarthSential be your ticket to a bedroom sanctuary that promotes deep relaxation and a breath of fresh air. With their all-natural cleaners, you can reduce allergens, banish stale odors, and create a serene environment that invites blissful slumber.

It’s time to transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis—a place where dreams come true, and clean, fresh air lulls you into the sweetest of dreams.

From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

From Kitchen to Bathroom All-Natural Cleaners

All-Natural Cleaning Companion for a Healthier Home

EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners are the superheroes your home has been waiting for. Their versatility knows no bounds, making them the perfect cleaning companions for every room in your house.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, the living room to the bedroom, EarthSential has a solution for all your cleaning needs. So, why settle for anything less when you can experience the transformative power of EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners?

By choosing EarthSential, you’re not just cleaning your home—you’re investing in a healthier and cleaner environment. Their all-natural cleaners are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and irritants that can compromise your health and the well-being of your loved ones.

With EarthSential, you can breathe easy, knowing that your cleaning routine is free from toxic substances that linger in the air and on surfaces.

EarthSential’s commitment to providing effective and eco-friendly cleaning solutions shines through in every product they offer. They harness the power of nature, using plant-based ingredients and essential oils to tackle dirt, grime, and bacteria without compromising on performance.

With EarthSential, you can achieve sparkling surfaces, fresh scents, and a cleaner home—all while reducing your environmental footprint.

So, dear readers, it’s time to unleash the magic of EarthSential’s all-natural cleaners in your home. Explore the benefits of using EarthSential’s products and experience a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable living space.

Embrace a cleaning routine that aligns with your values and shows love to both your home and the planet. With EarthSential by your side, you can make a difference—one swipe, one spray, and one clean surface at a time. Let’s join hands and pave the way for a future where effective cleaning and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

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Clove Oil Cleaner

clove all purpose cleaner

Unleash the warm and aromatic power of clove oil for a naturally effective cleaning experience.

All Natural & Plant based-ingredients

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits



Achieve a sparkling clean with the invigorating and refreshing scent of mint, creating a clean and fresh atmosphere in every room.

All Natural & Plant-based Ingredients

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits.

Lavender Oil

lavender all purpose cleaner

Refresh your home with the gentle floral notes of lavender while enjoying its natural cleaning properties.

All Natural & Plant-based Ingredients

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits


lemongrass cleaner

Revive your home’s ambiance with the revitalizing scent of lemongrass, creating an uplifting atmosphere as you clean.

All Natural & Plant-based Ingredients 

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits


orange cleaner

Let the zingy and uplifting aroma of citrus rejuvenate your space as this cleaner tackles dirt and grime effectively.

All Natural & Plant-based Ingredients

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits.

Essential Oil


All Purpose Cleaners:

Each designed to bring a touch of natural freshness and cleaning power to your home.

Available in: Clove, Lavender, Lemongrass, Mint & Orange.

All Purpose Cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom counters, floors, furniture, and even pet items.

We prioritize your well-being and the health of our planet.

That’s why our products are carefully crafted to be non-toxic, ensuring a safe and healthy cleaning experience for you and your family.

GRAS Approved Ingredients Generally Recognized as safe by the FDA

The SAFEST All Natural Ingredients

EarthSential products are made with safety as our first ingredient! Our ingredients are all natural food grade and all found of the GRAS List, approved as SAFE ingredients by the FDA. Rest assured that our products are the SAFEST in the world, we made them that way.

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