The Confession of the Clean Freak Roomate:

I used to think I had found the perfect roommate, someone who, like me, worked a nine-to-five job and seemed to have their life together. We both shared this unspoken understanding of cleanliness, or so I thought, until I stumbled into a chaotic world of mess and mayhem.

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My roommate, whom I’ll refer to as Alex, and I started off on the right foot.

We both kept our areas tidy, and there was an air of mutual respect for each other’s space. However, the day my perception of Alex took a dramatic turn was nothing short of bewildering.

It all began with a visit to the bathroom. I walked in and was met with a sight that words can barely describe—a mess on the toilet that no grown person should ever leave behind. I was flabbergasted, to say the least.

In my moment of utter shock and displeasure, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture and sending it to Alex with a message that read,

“Hey, what happened here? Why didn’t you clean it?” I mean, who wouldn’t?

As I retreated to the kitchen, trying to erase that horrifying image from my mind, I was met with yet another mess. Crumbs were scattered all over the stove. This time, Alex was in the next room, munching on chips as if nothing was amiss. It was time for a face-to-face confrontation.

“Alex,” I began, my voice quivering with a mix of frustration and confusion, “What’s going on with the bathroom, and why is the stove covered in crumbs?”

Caught red-handed, Alex looked sheepishly at me and mumbled, “Oh, that? Well, I was in a hurry this morning, and I guess I didn’t notice. Sorry, I’ll clean it up later.”

Later? I couldn’t believe it. That was the breaking point for me, the moment I realized I could no longer coexist with such drastically different cleanliness standards. I initiated a search for a new roommate with newfound determination.

In no time, I found a roommate who shared my passion for cleanliness and had similarly high living standards.

It turns out that sometimes, it’s perfectly fine to be a clean freak and set high standards for your living space, especially when it leads you to a roommate who shares your vision of a tidy, organized, and harmonious home.

Clean Freaks’ Secret Weapon: All-Natural Plantsol Cleaner Saves Money and Keeps Allergens at Bay

We both agreed that maintaining an allergen-free and spotless living space was essential. To achieve this, we opted for the Plantsol All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, a game-changer in our cleaning routine. Diluting one bottle of Plantsol could stretch for about six months, which was perfect for us, as we were committed to cleaning every day. Not only did we achieve our clean freak goals, but we also managed to save money in the process. With Plantsol in our cleaning arsenal, our living space remained pristine, allergen-free, and harmonious – a true clean freak’s paradise.


As a cleaning enthusiast, I’ve tried numerous products, but EarthSential is a game-changer! The All Natural Hypoallergenic EarthSential All Purpose Cleaners are a dream come true for someone like me. They not only make cleaning a breeze, but they also leave my living space sparkling clean and allergen-free. Plus, the fact that it’s eco-friendly aligns perfectly with my values. EarthSential has become my go-to cleaning companion, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

— Stacy., Satisfied Customer

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