A place for everything the key to a tidy home

A place for everything is the key to a tidy home, especially when it comes to solving the mystery of vanishing black magic markers or elusive TV remotes.

Life’s chaos can often leave us scratching our heads, but fret not! We’re here to share enchanting tips that will help you regain control and elevate your organizational game.

At the core of this enchantment is a simple principle: Finding a Place for Everything. By assigning every item in your home a designated place, you’ll unlock the key to lasting enchantment.

a place for everything the key to a tidy home

A place for everything the key to a tidy home

Let’s start with the easy spells. Keeping it simple is the key to taming the mess around you.

Even on the most exhausting days, taking a few extra seconds to pick up after yourself can work wonders.

Resist the allure of procrastination and embrace the power of small daily efforts. Trust us; it’ll pay off!

Vanquish the Clutter Monster

Has your fridge turned into an art gallery of countless masterpieces? Fear not; you’re not alone.

It’s time to reclaim your space and clear away clutter. Dive into the enchanted world of decluttering by sorting through items you no longer need.

While some treasures may hold sentimental value, others have overstayed their welcome.

Unleash the magic of your camera to preserve precious memories without adding physical clutter.

Embrace the Enchanting Bucket System

Toys in the living room, socks in the kitchen, and books in the dining room – the chaos can be overwhelming.

But fear not, our bucket system spell comes to the rescue. Place labeled buckets at the bottom of your stairs, one for each family member.

Throughout the day, drop items in the respective buckets, and voilà!

At day’s end, transport the buckets upstairs to restore order.

Charm of Organization: Finding a Place for Everything

The key to lasting enchantment lies in giving every item a designated place in your home.

Be it storage containers, key hooks by the door, or buckets by the stairs – let the flow of your everyday life dictate your organization magic.

Make it effortless and enjoyable to stay organized, and the spell will stay strong.

a place for everything the key to a tidy home

A Place for Everything the key to a tidy home

Cleaning Magic: EarthSential for a Bewitching Home 🌟🧹🏰

And for an extra dash of magic, keep your enchanted home sparkling with EarthSential All Purpose Cleaner.

Embrace the magic of organization and cleaning with EarthSential, ensuring a truly bewitching and spotless home for you and your little ones! 🌟🧹🏰

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Clove Oil Cleaner

clove all purpose cleaner

Unleash the warm and aromatic power of clove oil for a naturally effective cleaning experience.

All Natural & Plant based-ingredients

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits



Achieve a sparkling clean with the invigorating and refreshing scent of mint, creating a clean and fresh atmosphere in every room.

All Natural & Plant-based Ingredients

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits.

Lavender Oil

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Refresh your home with the gentle floral notes of lavender while enjoying its natural cleaning properties.

All Natural & Plant-based Ingredients

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits


lemongrass cleaner

Revive your home’s ambiance with the revitalizing scent of lemongrass, creating an uplifting atmosphere as you clean.

All Natural & Plant-based Ingredients 

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits


orange cleaner

Let the zingy and uplifting aroma of citrus rejuvenate your space as this cleaner tackles dirt and grime effectively.

All Natural & Plant-based Ingredients

Cleans, degreases, deodorizes, removes stains & aromatherapy benefits.

Essential Oil


All Purpose Cleaners:

Each designed to bring a touch of natural freshness and cleaning power to your home.

Available in: Clove, Lavender, Lemongrass, Mint & Orange.

All Purpose Cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom counters, floors, furniture, and even pet items.

We prioritize your well-being and the health of our planet.

That’s why our products are carefully crafted to be non-toxic, ensuring a safe and healthy cleaning experience for you and your family.

GRAS Approved Ingredients Generally Recognized as safe by the FDA

The SAFEST All Natural Ingredients

EarthSential products are made with safety as our first ingredient! Our ingredients are all natural food grade and all found of the GRAS List, approved as SAFE ingredients by the FDA. Rest assured that our products are the SAFEST in the world, we made them that way.

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