A Mother’s Journey to Naturopathic Healing

Being a mom comes with a lot of responsibility, that goes without saying. But when it comes to our children’s health we put our trust in the hands of pediatricians. They get to see our babies at each well baby check up nearly each month for the first year of their lives. The doctor always asks if the baby is meeting the milestones for their age. They make sure our child is vaccinated against deadly diseases and even prescribe fluoride to make their teeth strong when coming in. We trust that they have the best interest of our most prized possession, our children.

A mother's journey to naturopathic healing

A Mother’s Journey

My first child was healthy and did not have any real issues but my second child was a lot different. When she turned 1 year old transitioning from baby formula to cows milk is when we started to notice things weren’t exactly right for her. She became constipated and would have a more difficult time going to the bathroom.

Her pediatrician put her on Miralax to help her go to the bathroom easier, after a few weeks of mixing Miralax in her bottle I was not satisfied so we went back to the pediatrician and asked what else we might be able to do rather than the Miralax, she suggested giving my daughter prune juice.

We ditched the Miralax and she drank the prune juice without a problem. Things got better and we forgot that she had a problem altogether.

to Naturopathic Healing

A few years went by and our daughter started having night terrors and seeing someone have a night terror, you know that it is actually terrifying, especially if that someone is your child.

To give you insight as to what it looks like, imagine your 2 or 3-year-old is sleeping soundly for about 3 or so hours, and all of a sudden, they sit up in their bed and start screaming and crying. They can have their eyes closed or open, and there is nothing you can do to get them to stop. They remain in a sleep state, but their body is actively sitting up or walking around the room.

A mother's journey to naturopathic healing

See the Pediatrician

When my daughter started doing this, I didn’t know what to think, so I set up a doctor’s appointment right away. I explained to the pediatrician what my daughter was going through, but the doctor did not seem to have any suggestions.

A mother's journey to naturopathic healing

A Second Opinion Please

Needless to say, I needed help, so I turned to the naturopathic doctor. Our insurance did not cover the expenses, but I didn’t care; I was willing to pay out of pocket for a second opinion. Upon arriving, the naturopathic doctor went about assessing my daughter as usual, checking her heart rate, looking inside her ears and in her nose and throat, and taking her weight.

Naturopathic Healing for Night Terrors!

A mother's journey to naturopathic healing

I went on to explain what my daughter was doing at nighttime: waking up and crying uncontrollably after being asleep for a few hours. The naturopathic doctor knew exactly what was happening to my daughter and pulled out one tiny tablet from a vial she had in a drawer. She placed it in my daughter’s mouth and said, ‘This should take care of it.’ We also mentioned the bathroom issue she had if she wasn’t drinking prune juice regularly.

The naturopathic doctor then suggested that she could have allergies to food, so she pricked my daughter’s finger and placed a small amount of blood on a card-like paper to send off to the lab. We scheduled a follow-up appointment to come back after the blood results were in.

Slept through the NIGHT!!!

That very night, my daughter slept through the night, and the next night, and the next. I couldn’t believe it—just one tiny tablet that dissolved under her tongue got rid of the night terrors. The naturopathic doctor explained that my daughter was experiencing sleep terrors, which happen when the brain is about to enter REM, and a minor neurological misfire was occurring.

I was so impressed with the naturopathic doctor and her ability to help my daughter right away that I was very eager to go back for our follow-up visit.

Follow up visit to the Naturopathic Doctor

Come to find out, my daughter was having allergic reactions to foods, and cow’s milk was one of the things she was allergic to. I wasted all that time going to see the traditional medical doctor with my daughter, who never knew how to truly help her and find the cure for her issues.

naturopathic healing

We love our Naturopathic Doctor

Needless to say, we actually love our naturopathic doctor because she has allowed us to live our best lives. So to anyone who is having issues and your traditional medical doctor is not helping, spend the money out of your pocket and go see a naturopathic doctor; they will get to the bottom of your issue.

I am so grateful we did, and I know my daughter is grateful too; she no longer suffers. My daughter is actually 16 now and has never again experienced a night terror!

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