Uplift Your Spirits with Grape Body Fragrance

A Burst of Grape Goodness

Grape linen, room and body fragrance

EarthSential All-Natural Grape Linen, Room and Body Fragrance

Transform your linens, living spaces, and senses with the invigorating essence of ripe grapes found in our Grape Body Fragrance. With each spritz, experience an immediate burst of fruity delight, turning your surroundings into a sanctuary of natural freshness and vibrant energy.

  • 100% Pure Grape Essential Oil 
  • Linens, Rooms, and Body
  • Instant Revitalization in Every Spritz
  • Fruitful Aromatherapy Boost
  • Natural, Chemical-Free Formulation

Size: 8 oz or 8ml Pocket Size     Scent: Grape


Places to use Grape Linen, Room and Body Fragrance

Grape Linen Fragrance:

Enhance your bedroom sanctuary by spritzing our Grape Linen, Room and Body Fragrance on pillows, bedsheets, and curtains. Embrace the soothing and invigorating aroma of ripe grapes, creating a cozy and refreshing ambiance perfect for restful sleep.

Grape body fragrance for bedtime

Grape Room Fragrance:

Transform your living space into a vibrant oasis by lightly misting the air and upholstery with our Grape Linen, Room and Body Fragrance. Infuse the room with the delightful scent of grape, fostering a welcoming and joyful atmosphere ideal for relaxation and gatherings with loved ones.

grape body fragrance for living rooms

Grape Body Fragrance:

Indulge in the delightful experience of our Grape Body Fragrance on your skin. With a simple spritz, envelop yourself in the sweet and invigorating essence of ripe grapes, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized throughout the day.

Grape body fragrance

How to Apply as Grape Body Fragrance

Wrist Application:

    • Hold the Grape Body Fragrance bottle about 6 inches away from one wrist.
    • Give a light spritz onto the wrist.
    • Rub both wrists together to distribute the fragrance evenly.
    • Gently rub the scented wrists behind your ears to leave a subtle, lingering aroma.
Grape body fragrance

Full Body Application:

  • Stand in an open space.
  • Hold the Grape Body Fragrance bottle about 8-10 inches away from your body.
  • Close your eyes and lightly mist the fragrance onto your skin, starting from your neck and working downward.
  • Allow the mist to settle naturally and enjoy the refreshing scent that envelops your entire body.
grape body fragrance

How to Use as Grape Room Fragrance

Room Application:

  • Stand in the center of the room you wish to scent.
  • Hold the Grape Body Fragrance bottle upright and aim it towards the ceiling.
  • Depress the nozzle to release a few sprays into the air.
  • Allow the mist to disperse and settle.
  • Walk through the scented air, letting the fragrance envelop you in its delightful essence.
Grape body fragrance for room application

Transform your linens and towels with the delightful essence of Grape Linen Fragrance. Here’s how:


  • Hold the Grape Fragrance bottle about 6-8 inches away from your linens.
  • Lightly mist the fragrance over your bedsheets, pillows, and towels.
  • Allow the mist to settle and infuse your linens with the invigorating aroma of ripe grapes.
  • Enjoy the revitalizing ambiance created by the lingering scent throughout your living space.
grape body fragrance for linens

All Natural Ingredients:

Water, Essential Oil blend, Polyglycerine Oleate, Glycerine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

Grape’s Fruity Aromatherapeutic Benefits

Uplifting Mood:

Stress Relief:

Mental Clarity:

Energizing Effect:

Antioxidant Properties:

Respiratory Support:

Sleep Aid:

Awaken Your Essence: Immerse in the Grape Bloom Today!

Embark on a journey of fruity freshness and luxury with EarthSential Grape Linen, Room, and Body Fragrance. Dive into a captivating experience where revitalization meets indulgence, all encapsulated within the delightful essence of pure grape. Transform your surroundings into a sanctuary of unparalleled vitality and well-being, wrapped in the invigorating embrace of this timeless fragrance.

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