Pamper Your Pet’s Paws with EarthSential’s All-Natural Paw Wipes

EarthSential all natural paw wipes

EarthSential’s All-Natural Paw Wipes

Our All Natural Paw Wipes are enriched with soothing aloe, nourishing vitamin E, and the protective power of coconut oil. This trifecta creates a pampering experience, cleansing and forming a protective barrier on your pet’s paws, shielding them from harsh elements. Use daily or as needed to keep your furry friend’s paws clean, healthy, and naturally refreshed.

  • Gently Cleanses Pet’s Paws
  • Nurtures Skin and Coat
  • Protective Coconut Oil
  • Safe for Daily Use

Size: 40 Wipes     Scent: Lavender & Rosemary


Cleansing with a Protective Barrier

    • Soothing Aloe: Our Paw Wipes are infused with soothing aloe, providing a calming and refreshing effect on your pet’s paws.
    • Nourishing Vitamin E: Enriched with nourishing vitamin E, these wipes promote healthy skin and coat, leaving them soft and revitalized.
    • Protective Coconut Oil: The protective power of coconut oil forms a barrier, safeguarding your pet’s paws from rough surfaces and environmental factors.
    • Gentle Cleansing: These wipes gently cleanse your pet’s paws, removing dirt, mud, and allergens, keeping them clean and healthy.
    • Safe Daily Use: EarthSential’s Paw Wipes are designed for daily use, ensuring your pet’s paws are naturally refreshed and protected without any worry.


    Gently wipe your pet’s paws with EarthSential’s All-Natural Paw Wipes, avoiding contact with eyes, mouth, and sensitive areas. Use daily or as needed for clean, healthy, and happy paws.

    all natural paw wipes are for all types of pets


    Are EarthSential’s All Natural Paw Wipes safe for all pets?

    • Yes, our Paw Wipes are safe for use on dogs, cats, and other small pets.

    Can I use these wipes on my pet’s face?

    • While our Paw Wipes are gentle, we recommend avoiding contact with the eyes, mouth, and sensitive areas of your pet’s face.

    How often should I use EarthSential’s All Natural Paw Wipes?

    • Our All Natural Paw Wipes are safe for daily use or as needed to keep your pet’s paws clean and refreshed.

      Are these wipes environmentally friendly?

      • Yes, EarthSential’s Paw Wipes are made from natural ingredients and are environmentally friendly.

      Do the All Natural Paw Wipes contain any harmful chemicals?

      • No, our All Natural Paw Wipes are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and artificial fragrances, making them safe for your pet’s delicate skin.

      Can I use these wipes on puppies and kittens?

      • Yes, our All Natural Paw Wipes are gentle enough for use on puppies and kittens. However, always monitor your pet’s reaction to any new product.

      Are the Paw Wipes scented?

      • Yes, our Paw Wipes feature a pleasant lavender and rosemary scent, leaving your pet’s paws smelling fresh and clean.

      Can I use these wipes on my pet’s other body parts?

      • While primarily designed for cleaning paws, you can use our Paw Wipes to gently clean other external areas of your pet’s body as needed.

      Your pet’s paws deserves the best!

      Our gentle, soothing formula will keep their paws clean, healthy, and refreshed.

      Click the “Buy Now” button to order your supply of EarthSential’s Paw Wipes

      and start treating your pet’s paws with the care they need.

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